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Connectivity Metrics & Insights

Are you an MNO who have access to network-level data but lack insights on the individual subscriber/device level? Or an MVNO who wants to verify their SLAs?

Or a telecom regulator who wants to monitor the mobile services across networks? Or an IoT provider who wants to have real-time visibility on the networks, device performance and trends?

Telkoa provides SimX QMax the all-in-one solution for (e)SIM connectivity metrics monitoring.

The Client is implemented as a UICC Applet on SIMs/eSIMs and/or mobile App/SDK to enable service. The Server enables the operator to remotely and centrally control the performance of the Applets. QMax allows the operators to monitor and analyse the connectivity metrics of subscribers from their own perspective, on an individual level and on a network level. The client JavaCard applet registers for events that are made available by the 3GPP standards. Those events cover calls, signal, coverage, SMS, data, screen time, location updates, network rejection, battery, and network measurements. By capturing those raw events on the server side, the operator is presented with, both network level KPIs and individual level KPIs.

Telkoa Mobile Platform.

We bring all our mobile capabilities under one roof, so you don’t have to switch between platforms. Based on your needs, we configure the platform to give you full visibility and control over your subscribers and services.

Telkoa IoT Platform.

Looking to build or extend your IoT solution portfolio? We have the tools, the knowledge, and the network of reliable vendors and global connectivity providers to make the best-in-class IoT solutions.

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