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We provide Actionable Insights, help reduce costs, increase ARPU, and enable new services for telcos and IoT providers.

Our solutions support network operators (including MVNOs and MVNEs), telecom regulators, SIM/eSIM
manufacturers, global connectivity providers, M2M and IoT providers.


Connectivity Metrics & Insights

Are you an MNO who have access to network-level data but lack insights on the individual subscriber/device level? Or an MVNO who wants to verify their SLAs? Or a telecom regulator who wants to monitor the mobile services across networks? Or an IoT provider who wants to have real-time visibility on the networks, device performance and trends?

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LBS & Mobility Analytics

Are you looking for a way to locate devices, smartphones or feature phones, even without GPS? Are you looking for a geofencing solution to enable new LBS applications? Or are you looking for a mobility analytics solution to better plan and optimise your services?

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(e)SIM/Subscriber Management

Are you a telco who wants to dynamically manage their multi IMSIs? Or want to enable/suspend the service to your subscribers based on business rules? Or you want to route PSTN calls over the internet?

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IoT Cybersecurity

Are you a telco or an IoT provider who wants to secure your IoT application against identity theft and cybersecurity attacks, and needs strong standardised authentication and data communication security mechanisms for your IoT solution?

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IoT Solutions

Are you looking to build or extend your IoT solution portfolio? Not sure which technology to use for your application? Worried about security? Or you need to connect your sensor feed to the cloud for analytics? Or you are looking for an end-to-end IoT solution?

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Bespoke Solutions

Have a specific problem you need to solve and think we can help you?

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Unlock new potentials with Telkoa.

Better Mobile: We are Device Agnostic and not Network Invasive.

The data source and device/subscriber control capabilities for most of our Mobile solutions offering come from our secure applications for SIMs and eSIMs, who work on any cellular device (feature phone, smart-phone or IoT). We also offer Android/IOS app/SDK version of the device application for detailed QoS/QoE data related to mobile data performance. Our Mobile solutions are not network invasive as we don’t require integrations with the network.

Better IoT: We Build and Find Secure IoT Solutions from Sensor to Dashboard.

We bring our telecommunications, cloud, and cybersecurity expertise into IoT to create the best-in-class IoT solution from ground up. Additionaly, our unparalleled network of partners can provide the best global connectivity and IoT devices for any use-case.

What our customers
think about us.

Telkoa Mobile Platform.

We bring all our mobile capabilities under one roof, so you don’t have to switch between platforms. Based on your needs, we configure the platform to give you full visibility and control over your subscribers and services.

Telkoa IoT Platform.

Looking to build or extend your IoT solution portfolio? We have the tools, the knowledge, and the network of reliable vendors and global connectivity providers to make the best-in-class IoT solutions.

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