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(e)SIM/Subscriber Management

Are you a TELCO who wants to dynamically manage their multi IMSIs?

Or want to enable/suspend the service to your subscribers based on business rules? Or you want to route PSTN calls over the internet?

SimX Dynamic IMSI is a solution that allows subscribers to have cellular connectivity.

while internationally roaming by efficiently utilizing a small number of global IMSIs and rotating them across many subscribers as needed, in addition to allowing for automatic/on-demand swap of multiple home IMSIs to ensure continuous coverage. Dynamic IMSI allows the operator to keep a real-time information about current location area, network, device and IMSI being used for each subscriber, and allows the seamless management and OTA campaigns to configure the connectivity for best coverage.

SimX Autofence.

Is a solution to prohibit a subscriber from using their Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) or any cellular device in a different area not defined in their user contract or agreement, or prohibit a subscriber from using their SIM card in other devices, or simply suspend/allow service on demand. The system can also prohibit a user from using their mobile phone based on other rules, for example, if the user has a debt with the network operator. This solution is based on a JavaCard applet installed on SIMs/eSIMs that will block/unblock device’s access to cellular service based on device’s location (Geofence), IMEI, TAC or business rules.


is a solution to seamlessly modify the destination dialled number based on business rules. One use case is routing dialled customer service calls to another destination based on the location of the subscriber. Another use case is routing the PSTN call to a VOIP server to reduce costs on international calls. All call routing is invisible to the user as the solution is based on an invisible application on the SIM/eSIM.

CPEMan provides TR-069 .

Remote management solution of CPEs with advanced device provisioning capabilities. It can work with any device that supports the TR-069 protocol. It auto-discovers the device’s parameter tree (including vendor-specific parameters) making no assumptions about the device’s data model. It supports a wide range of devices (DSL, cable, fibre optics, LTE CPEs, VoIP phones) from many different manufacturers.

Telkoa Mobile Platform.

We bring all our mobile capabilities under one roof, so you don’t have to switch between platforms. Based on your needs, we configure the platform to give you full visibility and control over your subscribers and services.

Telkoa IoT Platform.

Looking to build or extend your IoT solution portfolio? We have the tools, the knowledge, and the network of reliable vendors and global connectivity providers to make the best-in-class IoT solutions.

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