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Cobira Case Study

Cobira empowers its SIM cards with out-of-the-box connectivity monitoring and GPS-less positioning


Cobira is a leading enabler and provider of global IoT connectivity solutions. Through their multi IMSI solution, telco agreements all over the world, and an advanced connectivity management platform, Cobira enables businesses with the infrastructure and tools to create successful IoT enabled businesses and services.

Providing the best-in-class global IoT connectivity enabler services requires the integration of many technology pieces and partnerships is key to this. Cobira is continuously looking for ways to improve and innovate on its service offering and customer experience, adding new value-added services to their IoT Enabler Platform. The versatile and flexible SIM-centric and cloud services from Telkoa proved a perfect technology fit both for integration with existing infrastructure as well as ensuring an enhanced value-add for customers. This led to Cobira choosing Telkoa as their primary SIM based location services and connectivity analytics provider.


“Long-term Partnerships with strong partners and key technology providers is an essential strategic element for Cobira in how we ensure a continuously expanding value-added service portfolio of IoT Enabler Services for our customers. Working with Telkoa has brought our technology stack in our SIM-based services area to a completely new level with their existing services and the long-term value in the co-creation of more services tailored to the versatile world of IoT.”

Allan Dickow, CTO, Cobira


Global IoT connectivity works by utilising multi IMSI subscriptions that allow for cellular devices to camp over any of the available mobile networks and who are in agreement with the connectivity provider. From Cobira’s point of view, they want to ensure that the devices are using the best network and they want to maximise the connectivity uptime. In addition, and since their primary focus is IoT, getting the location of the devices without using GPS would significantly increase the battery lifetime and increase overall solution profitability.

Connectivity Metrics and Insights

Telkoa delivers an out-of-the-box solution deployed on Cobira SIMs or eSIMs that monitors 24/7 the quality of the connection that is provided to the device. Not just that, but also provide insights about the device itself, e.g., battery level, usage and trends. Because this solution is device agnostic, Cobira’s customers from any industry can significantly benefit from this solution and save huge resources in developing and managing device specific firmware/apps to get the same benefits.

GPS-less Location Services

It is very common that when provisioning IoT devices that errors happen in the registration of the device’ address. Moreover, if the device is not stationary, tracking its location is expensive in terms of battery or the hardware costs. Telkoa’s GPS-less location services on the SIM/eSIM provide continuous location tracking or on demand or based on advanced business rules.

Having our solutions as an integral part of Cobira’s connectivity ecosystem amplifies our contributions to the IoT industry and helps put Cobira at the forefront of its rivals. We are very excited to make more success stories together.

Amir Kotb, CEO, Telkoa